Rodent Glue Boards Eliminate Rats and Mice with our easy to install Glue Boards

Our Glue Boards are guaranteed to stop a rat or mouse in its tracks! Outsmart the rodents that invade your home and buy your Glue Boards from us today. They are extremely effective in eliminating Rats and Mice. Simply unfold the board and place around your home or office. we sell them as a box of 10 which is more then enough to eradicate any pest problem. 

Pest control Glue pads are a very fast way of removing any rodent from the home or office, Rodent Glue traps are now available with a sameday post to any address in the UK.

Rodent glue boards
Rat and Mice Glue Traps

Fantastic package just £29.99

We offer a great deal which will get rid of anyone's Pest control problem for just £29.99

You will get a box of 10 professional rat glue boards which will eradicate a whole army of Mice or Rats at a fraction of the cost of getting a professional pest control company out to your home or office, we will post out the same day to any UK address.

Dont be fooled into buying the cheaper boards on the internet as theses will take care of any Pest problem big or small, they are industrial robust and will start working the minute you put them down, You will be amazed how good the Rat glue boards really are, dont take my word for it see for yourself, bargain price of only £29.99 for a box of 10 boards 

Rat and Mice Glue Boards

Only The Best Rodent Glue Boards

The rat glue traps / sticky boards that we sell are only the best quality in the UK. Unlike most rat glue boards on the market ours are produced on a strong, solid robust cardboard board which folds open like a book and is an industrial leader unlike some cheaper products available from discount stores.

Please dont be fooled by other mice glue boards of the internet as theses one are by far THE BEST, we have been in the pest control industry for 20 years now and i can tell you that this box of 10 Rat glue boards will change your pest infestation the minute you place them down.

They look like an A4 book and can be bent in all different shapes to fit into tight gaps or simply just lay them flat against any wall for amazing results. 

Order now and ww will ship out to any address in the UK for a next door delivery.

great price of £29.99 for a box of 10 boards 

They measure 34 x 22cm and have an extra strong adhesive.

Rodent Glue Boards specialises in the sale of only the best quality, professional glue traps for rats and mice, all of which are now available for both the amateur and professional markets.

Rat glue traps are often also called, sticky boards, glue boards and rat glue pads. They do have a highly effective method of rodent control but should only be used as a last resort.

Rat glue traps are ideal for use in food premises, such as processing factories, bakeries, restaurants, takeaways, and even difficult residential situations where either rat poison may be impractical, or where an alternative food source is hampering control.


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Rodent glue traps


Pest Control in a Box Glue Boards uses super adhesive glue to eliminate rats and mice. This glue is non-toxic so it is safe for everyone.

Rats and mice can be stopped right on their tracks therefore, you need not look for stinking and rotting rodents all over your house or offices.

There are no harmful micro chemicals inhaled or scattered around the area (like poisonous feeds). Thus, preventing asthma, food poison, or ingestion by household pets or children.

We post out boxes of 10 for the great price of £29.99 which is more then enough to eradicate any infestation.

£29.99 for box of 10

Glue Board Guidelines

  1. Glue traps and boards for Rats and Mice must always be checked regularly at least TWICE per day as a minimum. Upon inspection, any captured pests must be dispatched quickly and humanely.
  2. Glue traps and sticky boards must be placed in such a way they do not present a risk to non-target species. In the event that a non-target species does become trapped to a glue board, a food grade oil or similar emollient should be applied to the animal for removal.
  3. Sticky boards should always be disposed of with care, with the sticky surface been covered to avoid the possibility of accidental trapping of non-target species.
  4. Under the Animal Welfare Act 2006, any animal becomes a 'protected animal' when it is 'under the control of man whether on a permanent or temporary basis'.
  5. Therefore an animal in such a trap is a protected animal, and if it suffers unnecessarily as a result of poor practice in the use of the trap, or through a failure to release or kill the animal in an appropriate manner, then an offence of causing unnecessary suffering under section 4 of the Act may have been committed. Please take this information on board as the glue boards are a very serious and a dangerous product.